production process
from design to post sale
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Production process

Production of visual inspection machine:

from the analysis of customer needs to after-sales assistance

The service offered by VIM to the customer is the result of a rigorous production process, which starts from the analysis of its needs and ends with a quick and professional assistance on the machine, on site or remotely.

1Analysis of customer needs

The idea of each new VIM machine is borned as the answer to particular needs explicitly transmitted by customers, or as an anticipation of needs that are still unexpressed.


VIM has a technical office composed by highly qualified and continuously updated engineers. Using the latest generation of software, VIM technicians can process a detailed project for each new machine.


A production department equipped with cutting-edge machineries translates the project into a product. VIM selected accurately the raw material used for the production of visual inspection machines, and develops internally cutting-edge software. Before being delivered to the customer the machines are subjected to strict internal tests and a meticulous final test.

4Installation and testing

VIM trained Staff is able to install all types of machinery, anywhere in the world. Testing it on site, in order to guarantee its perfect functioning. The installation is inclusive of language training.

5Post sales assistance

Once the machine is installed, VIM remains at the customer's disposal for after-sales assistance, both for the hardware and for the software part. Assistance can be made on site or remotely.