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Visual inspection machines

Artificial vision machines applied to quality control

VIM is able to develop machines characterized by the most advanced optical technology. Products capable to ensure a quality control infinitely more precise than the one offered by the human eye, because it can completely eliminate dangerous components such as: errors, inconstancy, negligence from operators.

The VIM machines perform checks on a wide range of materials, from rubber to ceramic, from leather to wood. They are also able to ensure complete and meticulous checks over a wide dimensional range: they can in fact examine pieces from 0.5 to 190 mm.

Visual inspection

Standard visual inspection machines

Automatic machines for the articles' quality control of various shapes, materials, colors and appearance. Execution of checks aimed to detecting breakages, cuts, surface defects, dimensional defects, profile defects.


Laboratory Instruments

Instruments designed for dimensional measurements on parts of different shapes, materials, colors and appearance. These are machines for 2D and 3D measurement, designed to assure the high quality of the final product.


Special machines

Special machines designed to perform specific controls at customer request, not only linked to the quality assurance of the product. Automated solutions, stand alone and/or online.